The Do’s and Don’ts of Successful Blogging

The Do's and Don'ts of successful blogging

Below is a list of some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to starting and maintaining your very own blog. Do not forget that each blog has its unique voice and that you should not strictly follow all the rules that you can find on the internet to have a successful blog. Do you want your blog to stand out a little between the large number of blogs that already exist then you can create your own voice by not following all of these rules. They are just a guideline. Here we go.

The Do’s of Successful Blogging

Do: focus on the content

Do not spend too much time endlessly rewriting a message or checking for misspellings. It is the content of your message that is most important. After all, you are not writing a thesis. It is a blog and it is best written in a more casual and informal style. A bit like how you would talk to another person. That does not mean that you should not have an eye for technical matters such as the structure and subdivision of your blog post, but it is for the content that the visitors come to your blog. So focus on that.

Do: engage your visitors

Do not forget to engage your readers by asking them for their thoughts and comments. Allowing and promoting comments ensures greater involvement and will increase the success and ROI of your blog in the long term. An engaged visitor is a visitor who comes back and that increases your income, it’s as simple as that. In addition, comments will give you an idea of ​​what your visitors want to read and what problems they want you to solve for them. It also gives you ideas for future blog posts.

Do: regularly post new messages

You have to post new messages as often as possible to keep your target audience interested in your blog. You also need to announce new blog posts on your social media so that your readers know when to free up time to read them. The regular posting of new content is also very good for search engines and will ensure that you score better in the search results and thus get more visitors through Google.

Do: ensure a tight and consistent layout

If your blog wants to leave a good impression on your visitors, ensure a consistent look throughout all your pages and blog posts. Do not vary too much in fonts and font sizes and do not try to make every page a unique visual experience. If you try to do that, chances are that your visitors will not find your blog professional.

Do: make sure you have a good contact with other bloggers

A good contact with other bloggers in your niche can ensure that your blog is known to their readers and that is a golden opportunity. If the possibility exists, then contact other bloggers in your niche. You can always be the first to mention the blog of another blogger in your blog message, who knows that will happen after that? Another way to make sure of that important first contact is to post good and thoughtful comments on other people’s blog messages.

The Don’ts of Successful Blogging

Don’t: copy text from another blog

Ideas for a good topic for a blog post can always be borrowed from another blog, but just copying text is never a good idea. Feel free to look around for good ideas, but write about them in your very own unique way!

Don’t: use photos on which you do not hold any rights

There are enough good ways to get free photo material. Use that or you will get into trouble. Take a look at websites such as Unsplash where you can find photos for free and without the need to attribute a source. There are also enough images you can use if you mention the name of the photographer. Wikipedia is such a website, but there are many more.

Don’t: start your blog, and forget about it

A blog that is abandoned and where the blog posts all have a date that is in the distant past will never be a success. Even if you have just posted a message, you cannot rest on your laurels afterwards. After posting the message you should also promote it. A blog is for doers and must be a living thing. A blog where nothing happens is a blog that is dead.

Don’t: use an intro music for your blog

Fortunately, you almost never see or hear this anymore, but it is never a good idea. Exaggerated animations are also a bad idea, they make your blog look amateurish and you do not want that.

Don’t: use your most important keywords too much in your text

This may seem like a good idea for search engines like Google, but you do not write for them but for your readers. Using the same words in your text too often makes them look strange and equals spam for Google. You will not get good results this way. It is also true that search engines have become much better at getting the most important keywords from a message. Google will even automatically include synonyms as possible keywords for your blog post in its index. If you really make it too gruesome, Google can even punish you for this and possibly cancel your Adsense account.

Don’t: place too many ads on your blog

Google Adsense allows you to place a lot of ads on 1 page, but that does not mean you have to do that. Many bloggers also make the mistake of thinking that doubling the number of ads will mean a doubling of their income, but that is not the case! With too many ads your blog will not look professional anymore. Nowadays you notice more and more that successful blogs no longer advertise at all, although that is also because they often have their own advertising banner like promo blocks. You can get a lot more income from affiliate marketing than from advertising, so if you generate a lot of income that way, it may be an idea not to post ads at all to make your blog look more professional and easier to read.

Don’t: put too many links in your messages

Even if it comes to affiliate links, more is not always better. If you sell a product through an affiliate partner, it is not a good idea to place the link to its product page as often as possible in your text. Too many links are an indication for Google that your website is spam and can make you end up lower in the search results than without all those links. If a visitor to your site wants to buy a product, he or she will find the right link if you have placed it in a thoughtful way.

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