How to install WordPress on your blog

How To Install WordPress Manually on Your Web Hosting

Many web hosting providers nowadays offer a 1-click installation of WordPress on their hosting packages. If so, you don’t have to worry about creating databases and the files necessary for WordPress. All you have to do is click one button and follow along some simple instructions and you are all set up to go and start blogging. Dreamhost is a host we recommend that offers such an easy one-click installation

But what if you are unlucky and your hosting provider doesn’t provide an easy installation of WordPress? Well, then you have to manually install WordPress. If you have some technical expertise it isn’t too difficult a process, but if you don’t it can be quite cumbersome. That is why we have written this short guide.

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Install your WordPress site on DreamHost

Install your WordPress Site on DreamHost

One of the best hosting providers to choose for your first WordPress blog is Dreamhost. Dreamhost is recommended by itself and offers a very reliable and cheap hosting solution. This makes it an excellent choice for beginning bloggers.

Another great benefit of Dreamhost is that it offers great support and a very easy 1-click installation of WordPress.

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