How to Get Free Images For Your Blog

Finding free images for your blog

It is sometimes said that a picture says more than a thousand words and for the average blog this is certainly true. But where can you find beautiful photos that you can use free of charge and preferably without giving a source? To help you with that, we have compiled a list of more than 10 websites that contain millions of photos that you can use freely on your WordPress blog or website.

Always check the conditions of each website. You may have to mention the name of the photographer for some photos. If that is the case, you should do that, it is fair to the photographer.

What you want to check is whether the photos are royalty free and belong to the public domain. In practice, you can see this, for example, if they have the CC-O Creative Commons license. If so, you can use them freely, even for commercial purposes. Note that if you make money with your blog you are de facto a commercial user of the photos on that blog. Some photos are free to use, except for commercial purposes.

Websites Where You Can Find Free Images For Your Blog

# 1 Pixabay:

Pixabay is a very popular website to find free photos that belong to the public domain and are therefore free to use. All images are organized into categories and tagged with keywords. A very nice feature of the site is the advanced search where you can even search for the color of a photo.

# 2 Unsplash:

Unsplash is a fantastic website if you are looking for professional images in high resolution. You can use the images without giving credit and for free. The quality of the photos on Unsplash is very high and if you are looking for a photo for the header of your blog for example, this is an excellent place to look for it. For example, the picture in this blog post comes from Unsplash.

# 3. stock.xchng:

Stock.xchng has a large collection of photos and images that you can use freely. The site is interesting because it also contains illustrative photographs, for example images that represent the concept of money or blogging. So if you need an image that illustrates a more abstract concept, you are in the right place here. A real paradise for the blogger who is looking for that perfect image for his or her latest blog post. And completely legal and free.

# 4. PhotoPin:

PhotoPin is another website that allows you to search millions of royalty free images. One of the tools that the site uses is the search function of the photo community Flickr. It will only search for photos with the CC-0 license.

# 5. Public Domain Pictures:

Public Domain Picturesoffers on its website a large collection of images that are in the public domain. It also offers edited photos that can illustrate a certain concept, something that you often need on your blog. It is a very popular website, but the quality of the images is not always as high.

Even More Free Image Sites

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