A Hundred Subjects for Your Blog

A hundred ideas for subjects for your blog

For beginning bloggers it can be very difficult to find new ideas to write blog posts. I did some online research and came back with a list of 100 fresh subjects for your blog, some of which I came up with myself. I am sure that I will use this top 100 myself later on for coming up with new ideas for my blog posts so I hope you will find this list useful as well. Be sure to leave a comment when you find this list useful or when you yourself have other ideas for blog posts other people can use.

Let’s get started!

1. interview someone
That someone can be an expert in the field of your blog, a famous person, or just someone with an interesting story or anecdote to tell. What is important is that the person you interview has some interesting tips for your target audience

2. organize a contest
People like to get free stuff. Giving away a price can attract lots of people, especially if you promote your contest through social media. A contest can also be a way to collect new content for your blog. You could, for example, let people send in their favorite quotes and afterwards assemble those in a blog post.

3. write reviews about products or books
People are always on the look out for honest reviews of products. Reviews also allow you to create a revenue through affiliate marketing.

4. write an extensive manual or tutorial
Share your knowledge with your readers and write a guide that will help them solve some problem. Profile yourself as an expert and you will gain many loyal visitors to your blog.

5. tell a personal secret
This is a tough one for many bloggers, but people like to read about the secrets, dreams and aspirations of other people. You can create a bond with your readers this way and let them get to know you in a personal way. Ask your readers to share their secrets as well.

6. publish an infographic
Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly (Wikipedia). Infographics work very well when shared on social media like Twitter or Pinterest en can drive a lot of traffic to your site.

7. write a critical but honest review about another website or blog
Important here is to give arguments for your views on another website. Everyone can criticize someone else, sometimes it seems that the internet consists of nothing else, but that is not the best way to tackle this. Make a constructive criticism and the owner of the other website may even be grateful to you.

8. have someone write a guest blog
A guest blog is a blog post that another blogger writes, especially for your blog. The value for the other is that he or she gets a link on your blog to his or her blog. The advantage for yourself is that you get free content for your blog. The difficulty here is finding a good blogger who can write something that is relevant to your target audience.

9. write about how you use social media for your blog
Everyone does this in a different way and other bloggers are always looking for new and good tips for using social media. Maybe you can write a blog post in this way that can go viral.

10. write about what you would like to learn
Maybe you can give others ideas this way or you light even get interesting tips yourself from your readers about the topic you want to learn about.

11. write about a movie that you have seen
Maybe you have seen a movie with a subject that is related to your blog. If it is an older movie, you can always place an affiliate link to a page where people can buy the DVD. Your visitors are always looking for ideas for gifts.

12. write a blog post with motivating famous quotes
This is an easy way to write a blog post if you suffer from writer’s block. This kind of blog posts requires a bit of research, but if you really have no ideas you will be glad that you can write a nice blog post that is interesting enough for your readers. This type of message also typically produces reactions from your readers, which is always nice.

13. write about a journey that you have made
People always like to read about the experiences of others on exotic or less exotic destinations. Travel tips always do well. Maybe you can keep a daily blog of your trip where you also share photos of your adventures. A bit of humor with these kinds of blog posts always helps to keep your readers interested.

14. give away something for free in a blog post
You can give away a short e-book for free or a vector illustration that you made. Other ideas are a podcast or an instruction video. Digital products also have a value and your audience will be grateful if you give them away for free.

15. share an e-mail discussion you had
The e-mail traffic that you have with, for example, the customer service of a company can be a nightmare or just very funny. Leave the names of other persons away and let your readers laugh with the difficulties you experienced in reaching your goal in a conversation.

16. tell us about your favorite charity
Charities always do well. Let your readers become acquainted with your favorite charity and maybe they will support that too. In the best case you will receive a link to your blog post from the website of your charity or are they prepared to write a response.

17. write a short story
Blogging is writing, so maybe you can write a short story that appeals to your readers. Ask your readers to share other short stories and give them a place on your blog.

18. sing a song or do a dance
Place a video of yourself who does a dance or sings a song. If it is not very good, it can be funny.

19. write about your children
Other mothers and dads always like to read about the fate of other parents. Tell about how you approach the education of your children or about funny things your children have said or done.

20. make a list of something
Compile a top 10 or a top 100 of something. You have an example of this here. This kind of lists continues to do very well and some websites only offer that to their readers. People are lazy and like to have all the information they are looking for in one convenient place.

21. make a list of all interesting ideas you had in one day
You never know what can come out here. Sharing a brainstorm that you wrote down yourself is a variant of this. Invite your readers to contribute to your brainstorming.

22. share the history of your blog
Other bloggers find it always very interesting to find out what problems a blogger has encountered when starting up his or her blog. Provide information about visitor numbers and income.

23. write down your goals for the coming year
Write about what you want to achieve in the coming year with your blog or in your life in general. In future messages, provide updates about how far you are about achieving those goals. Are you unable to achieve those goals? Your readers will also be happy to read about that.

24. write a blog post where the comments contain ‘dofollow’ links
By default, links in comments on a WordPress blog are nofollow. This means that they contain little or no SEO value for the websites they refer to. Post a message with dofollow links in the comments and get a lot more comments from your visitors. The disadvantage is that you will get a lot of unrelated spam responses. For WordPress there are plug-ins that allow you to achieve this.

25. publish your to do list for your blog
Teach your readers how you draw up your own to do lists so that they can learn from them. For example, you can publish your daily to-do list for your blog, which means you have to moderate comments, update your blog, check earnings, write blog posts, etc. You can also publish other to do lists that you have.

26. write a reaction to another blog or recent news article
Write a blog post that is a genuine opinion piece that deals with current affairs and profile yourself as an opinion maker. Do enough research and substantiate your opinion piece with solid arguments. Follow politics and world events and give your visitors your own unique view.
27. share your favorite jokes
People like to laugh so give them the chance. Ask your readers to share their favorite jokes, and write follow-up messages.
28. write about conferences or a training that you have followed
Share new knowledge that you have gained and advertise people who have taught you new things. Maybe someone who has given you a training can also share a few words on your blog. If you have spoken at a conference yourself, you can also share your experiences about it.

29. write a blog post about questions your readers ask
The reactions you get on your blog can be a great source of inspiration for writing new material. Take advantage of this free source of inspiration and at the same time provide an answer to the questions of your most active followers.

30. describe your typical working day
If you are not a full-time blogger, your work can also provide material for your personal blog. Use this and share your experiences as a professional.

31. make a list of your own favorite blogs
By creating a list of your favorite bloggers, you not only give your readers fun reading material, but it can be a way to increase your network and have a first contact with other successful bloggers. You can be sure that the bloggers you link to will pick it up and that they will take a look at your blog.

32. make a list of the best reactions you have had on your blog
Re-use material from the past in this way. Write additional comments and reservations and create a totally new blog post.

33. share the income and visitor statistics of your blog
Show how successful your blog is and inspire others to also start blogging. Give tips on how to make a blog successful.

34. share your biggest failures
Tell your readers how you yourself have failed in the past and what lessons you have learned from that. Protect them for the same failures and teach them something. This type of blog post has great entertainment value and ensures that your readers get to know and appreciate you in a personal way.

35. share your greatest success
People also like to read this very much because it can be very inspiring for them. Give your readers that last push that they need to finally start their own dream projects.

36. publish your own portfolio
If you are creative in some area, share it. Share your best photos or paintings, poems or music. You do not have to be the greatest artist to share your work with the rest of the world.

37. which apps do you use a lot yourself?
Everyone uses apps on his tablet or phone. Maybe you use apps that help you maintain your blog or in your professional career. Some paying apps have their own affiliate program. Maybe you can earn something extra by promoting apps that you use and value yourself.

38. which plug-ins do you use on your blog?
What are the best plug-ins for you that any blog should use, or which plug-ins are indispensable to solve a specific problem. Share your knowledge with your readers. You can also provide more information about the particular WordPress theme that you use. If you have a paying theme, you may become an affiliate of a website that sells WordPress themes.

39. what is the best gift you have ever received?
Describe why you liked this gift and place an affiliate link to the site where people can buy the same or similar gifts.

40. post a quiz
Ask your audience a few nice questions and publish the answers in a following message. If you get a lot of response to this, you can make it a recurring event.

41. ask a question in a poll
Look for a plug-in that allows you to place a simple poll and comment on the result in a next blog post. See if you get a lot of reactions in this way and maybe blog on the subject of the poll in future blog posts.

42. tell about an event you attended
If you enjoy going to concerts or other events, you can post reviews. Place affiliate links to the albums of the artists that have performed and that you yourself find very good.

43. talk about some myths in your niche
There are persistent myths in every field, including blogging for example. Write about why these myths are wrong and give a correct representation of the facts. Provide the necessary arguments and statistics.

44. choose 1 word and blog about it
Choose a random word and write what comes to your mind. That can be a word from your niche, but that is certainly not necessary. What significance does this word have for you and what associations does it evoke? This can be a very good method to write an article if you suffer from writer’s block.
45. how do you promote your blog?
Other bloggers are always looking for new creative ideas about how they can promote their blog. Give your best tips for this and ask for the best tips from your readers.
46. ​​what are your tips to save money?
Tips for saving money are, in addition to tips for earning money, the most popular topics that are being sought. Cash in on this and tell how you yourself limit your expenses. Ask your readers about their own tips.
47. what are the things you regret never doing?
Perhaps you are sorry that you have not seized a certain opportunity in the past. Write a note on this to your readers to discuss the opportunities that exist for them. This type of experience from your own life can be very inspiring for others.

48. post an image that says more than a thousand words
An image can be very strong and trigger a lot of reactions among viewers. Post a message without writing a single word and see what the reaction is. On Unsplash, for example, you can find a lot of great photos that you can use on your blog for free and without mentioning the source. Look here for a list of websites where you can find free photos.

49. describe your workspace and place a photo
People can find it very inspiring to see the workspace of writers.

50. write a series of articles on a topic
A blog post does not have to stand alone but can consist of a whole series of articles. This means that you immediately have a subject for multiple messages. Ask your audience what they would like to have more detailed information about or write about your own topic.

51. write a blog post with little known facts
Little known but interesting facts appeal to a large number of readers. People like to get this kind of information to use in their conversations. Books or magazines can be a source for tracing these kinds of facts.

52. write an In Memoriam
The death of famous people can be a good way to find new topics for your blog. You can also write an In Memoriam about people in your own environment such as acquaintances, colleagues or family.

53. provide a list of the best books in your niche
For each of the books in your list, place an affiliate link and give your readers the chance to purchase those books. In doing so you can earn yourself a small extra with your blog post. Ask your readers for tips for other books and post a new blog post with the best tips.

54. publish your resume online
What experience do you have and where did you work? Who knows, you might get your new dream job that way.

55. publish a false fact
Give false information and see what reactions it generates. You can do this on April 1, but you certainly do not have to. In a subsequent blog post, tell the truth and indicate why you used this strategy.

56. what are the strategies of successful people?
Many people feel that they could be successful, but that some things stand in their way. Give tips to be more successful and look for how well-known people have achieved this. Give your own vision and life lessons.

57. make a video report of your day
This requires some courage, but many visitors to a blog, find it interesting to watch such videos. Also see if you cannot make other videos as well. If you have many ideas for videos, it may be worthwhile to create and promote your own YouTube channel.

58. how do visitors end up on your blog?
Analyze your Google Analytics data and see which keywords people are searching for on your site. Get inspiration yourself to write blog posts about these search terms. Are there many visitors who end up on your blog via Facebook or Instagram? How can you ensure that even more visitors come to your blog through the same channels?

59. what are the most visited posts on your blog?
Make a top ten list of blog posts that have attracted the most visitors to your blog. Maybe you can use this information to come up with new topics for messages or to write an update of your best performing blog posts from the past.

60. thank your readers in a message
Show your appreciation for your readers and write a blog post in which you thank them extensively.

61. share your favorite recipes
Everybody cooks and people are always looking for new recipes so this can be a good idea for a blog article or a series of blog articles. What do your grandmother’s recipes look like?

62. how do you get photo material for your blog?
Every blogger knows that it is not always easy to find good photos with an article. Give yourself tips for this. Unsplash is always a good tip here.

63. share your tips for writing blog posts
Do you always follow a certain routine when writing a message? Do you do this first on pen and paper or do you write a draft directly in WordPress? Which format do you use for your blog posts and do you have a fixed structure for this?

64. do you have tips to win time?
Everyone always complains about a lack of time. Maybe you have tips that can help your readers win a few hours every week. The readers of your blog will be very grateful to you for this.

65. how do you ensure that you remain creative?
Maybe you have very valuable tips to brainstorm new topics or use certain techniques to stay creative. Your readers will be happy to hear from you!

66. invite your readers to achieve a specific goal together with you
This may involve losing a few pounds or quitting smoking. There are many ideas here. This ensures a great involvement of your readers with you and your blog and can provide you with lots of nice comments on your messages.

67. what are the latest trends within your niche?
As a blogger, you follow the latest trends closely so share this information with your readers. Provide statistics and interesting facts that illustrate these trends.

68. give a prediction about future trends
Look into the future and try to think about the state of things in your niche in a few years. If necessary, ask a number of experts about their opinion on this and see which reactions you get from your readers.

69. summarize a current debate in your niche
What issues exist within your niche? Give an update to the readers of your blog and complete this with your own position on the subject.

70. show your readers what things you own
This can be controversial and provoke heavy reactions, but this does not have to stop you from sharing a photo report of your house or car. Showing your own financial success can also be motivating to others.a

71. what bad habits do you have?
They can also offer material for a blog post. Maybe you smoke and want to stop. You can always ask your readers for tips on how to get rid of your own bad habits.

72. ask for general feedback about your blog
Write a blog post asking your readers what they think about your blog in general and if they have suggestions for improvements. In future blog posts, tell us what you’ve done with this feedback from your readers.

73. tell your readers what you want to do before you die
This is what is also called a ‘bucket list’.

74. what are your biggest annoyances?
What are your biggest annoyances and how do you deal with them??

75. which people do you follow on Twitter or Instagram?
Give your readers ideas for people and accounts that they can follow on social media. With a little luck the person picks this up and you can expand your network with people who are popular within your niche.

76. challenge your readers to do something

77. write a Q&A about something

78. compare 2 products or services
Highlight the pros and cons of each product and place affiliate links that allow people to buy those products.

79. share a PowerPoint that you made
If you have made a PowerPoint for a presentation that you have given, that is excellent material to share in a message. Indicate whether people can use it as a basis for their own presentations.

80. write a beginner’s guide
Beginner guides are among the most read posts in blogs. Make use of this and write guides on as many topics as you can think of. Your readership will thank you for this.

81. tell your readers about ideas you have for new projects
Give your readers insight into new business ideas that you have.

82. write an extensive about me post
Most of the about me pages on a blog only consist of a few lines. You can write a much more extensive version of this in a blog article.

83. write about new blogs that are published in your niche
The owner of a new blog will be grateful and hopefully write about your blog on their blog.

84. write an update of an old blog post
Find out which blog posts were popular in the past and write a new improved version. You can use Google Analytics to find out which messages were popular.

85. share your Spotify playlist
If you like listening to music it can always be an idea to share your personal Spotify lists with your readers.

86. share your vision and life motto
How do you express your vision of life and do you have a motto that you like to use?

87. what are your biggest wishes for your blog?
If you are allowed to dream what you would like to achieve with your blog? The sky is the limit!

88. how do you deal with complaints?
Everyone has to deal with complaints. At work or in your private life. How do you deal with that?

89. publish a Q & A section on your blog
Write an article in which you offer free answers to questions your visitors have. Use this questionnaire to get new topics for your blog articles.

90. challenge yourself to write a blog post in one hour
See if you can make something out of this.

91. write ten attractive titles for fictitious blog posts
Maybe you get inspiration from this for real blog posts.

92. ask your readers suggestions for blog posts
This not only helps you with new material, but it ensures that you get an idea what your readers want to read. This is invaluable information and is a very good tool, even if you have enough ideas for messages for the coming year.

93. how do you deal with stress?
Everyone is faced with stress and everyone is looking for good ways to deal with that stress. Share your tips and experiences about this.

94. write about another niche
If you really do not have any idea to write about a subject within your own niche, then it may be time to look a bit further and start blogging about another niche. Find common ground with another niche. What can you learn from the success stories of people or blogs in other niches?

95. write about or interview your employees
If your blog has several employees, it can be a good idea to write an article about them or an interview. Give a glimpse behind the scenes of your blog or company.

96. write about the technical side of blogging
How do you secure your site and have you experienced problems with your hosting or plug-ins in the past? Can other bloggers learn from this?

97. help your readers with their procrastination
Procrastination is one of the biggest problems people face. A blog post about this will surely attract many new readers and increase the interest in your blog.

98. tell a real story
True stories always do well with a broad reading audience. Think about which of your stories will appeal to your readers the most and what they can learn from them.

99. a call for action
Is there a certain injustice in the world that really troubles you? Tell about this and inform your readers what they can do.

100. write a blog post about your competition
Which blogs in your niche are a direct competition for you? What do they write about it and how much success do they have?

Be sure to leave a comment if you have an idea for a topic for a blog article!

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